Control the position and the state of your vehicles, trucks, ships, containers, buildings and goods wherever they are, from everywhere. External power and installation no needed.
What does it do? How does it work?

You only need the Vexia Sat-Box ST activated and configured. The service include one year data plan, one year warranty and the Vexia finder control software. We always have stock, se can send it everywhere.

Control the position or movement of nearly any object or vehicle via satellite.

Fully configurable interface allowing transmissions as low as 1 position every 5 minutes.

Using the movement sensor and built in Geofencing, you will know at any time when the asset has moved or changed location

Install the batteries and glue or screw the device to the vehicle or object to follow.

Using the two built in alarm sensors, Smartone will let you know instantly when someone has entered your facilities, opened a switch, if a oil tank is full etc.

Use our .net software, our website or our mobile phone software to access the data.

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